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Maybe you've scheduled a shoot or maybe you're interested in booking a shoot with me. Either way, here's some additional information that will help you prepare for your shoot!

1. Sessions will normally take place outside and in a mutually agreed upon public location.

Which is often a park, but I'm always open to locations other than parks. We will   usually try to choose a place that will give us multiple options for backgrounds  and lighting during your session and that will provide us with some beautiful backdrops. What I specialize in is natural light photography. I rarely use a flash set up for my sessions unless we are shooting studio or at your home. Studio is available upon request.

2. My style is a little of lifestyle and traditional photography.

I try to capture a lot of photos of my clients having fun, laughing, embracing being in the moment etc. I also have some posing ideas that are more traditional family. If you want something else, feel free to ask! Input from you is very helpful to me when planning your session.

3. Our session will usually last between 1-2 hours depending on the package you choose.

I try not to go over the time, but sometimes it happens. I'm understanding when it comes to younger children and or my expecting moms, so we may need to take a restroom or a feeding/snack moment. I try not to rush so that I'm able to get the best shots. Depending on the type of session we are doing, we may need to go over the time, and that's ok.

4. I Love for clients to be in the moment and be themselves.  

No matter what type of session we are doing, I do my best to get to know you and or your family so that your shoot is personalized and shows your true self.  Your shoot is definitely the time to laugh, dance, kiss and embrace each other.   Bring that special toy/book for the little ones or bring/tell me those songs that gets your family up and moving so they can be played at your shoot. Remember that these are the images that will last forever!  There's nothing better then family and friends seeing your portraits and saying "now that's you".   

5.  What happens after your shoot.

About a week after your shoot you'll see several sneak peeks on the blog, and a email with directions for your personal app that can be downloaded to your smartphone.  This gives you an idea of what to expect from your proof gallery.  A week after the blog post (maybe sooner) you will receive your proof gallery, you will receive a email with the link and password for your protected gallery.  From there you will then decide on which images you would like for your package.  The proof gallery will be open for 2 weeks and your package should be chosen during that time.  Around  two to three weeks after you've given me your picks you will receive your package.    

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